Study Stuff is focused on improving the study live of every student

We from Study Stuff believe in everything we do, we believe to improve the live of every student, to make them live easier and the learning sessions more efficient.

The grades you got in school are a result of your self-organization and of your mindset.


We believe that self-organization is one of the most difficult and most important skills. Because of this we developed a calendar from scratch for students. This PLANNER should help you to organize your school live, with many nice features.


We also believe that the mindset of every student is as well as the self-organization one of the most difficult and important skills in the world. To improve your mindset, we have created a blog in which you can find tips & tricks for that.

  • 01
    Beautiful designed
    All of our products were designed at the same time that your desk looks great with all of our products.
  • 02
    Simple to use
    In everything we sell, we had tested on young kids that there can handle it.
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    User friendly
    We from study stuff have a close relationship to students, until all products and features are useful from there point of view.

Every student loves to learn

We from study stuff dreams of a civilization in which every student are happy to get up and go to school, because of our great products.

The time you have left for your goals in this year!